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By taking some of the mystery out of the drawing and painting process, students can find the wonder and make magic.

Lori Dreyer Spendiff

Watercolour Progression Intermediate to Advanced Fall 2018

Participants should have a firm working knowledge of basic watercolour techniques and ...

Intermediate Watercolour – Fall 2018

This course builds on basics of the Beginner class, with new applications and more ...

Advanced Watercolour – Fall 2018

This course accommodates and challenges the accomplished watercolour artist who is ...


As an administrator of art programming, Lori’s professionalism and thoroughness to deliver exceptional programming is to be commended. I have participated in several of Lori’s workshops over the past several years now and have enjoyed and learned so much in each of them!! Always go home inspired to create new “artworks” from the lessons learned!


You are a very professional instructor into the art of water-colour painting. As a teacher you are extremely helpful and always positive in assessing the students work. Your classes have been exceptional! Of course your own water-colour paintings are great which inspire us.

Gerry Salsky

After attending Lori's Drawing and Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor Painting classes, I can attest that as well as being enjoyable with a friendly atmosphere, Lori's classes are excellent at conveying the basics while helping each person to develop their own artistic style.


I had never done any drawing or painting before I retired. But opening up the creative side of me was very much a part of my retirement plan. Joining Lori's drawing & painting classes through the Toronto Recreation program opened up a brand new world for me. I consider the way Lori shares her knowledge & talents a very generous gift that I continue to share. Thank you Lori for sharing a whole new world with me - you were born to teach and share your passion and I hope to share many more classes with you.

Annabelle Wood

I am happy to state once again that I so much appreciate being in your class where I‘ve learned so much that sometimes looking at my works I can hardly believe that I’ve done them. Your classes are so interesting and inspiring that missing one could really set your students back. Lori, you are a great teacher and students who join your classes remain with you for many years, which is, as you know, not a usual case. I could write more about teaching being your calling and your talent inspiring your students, even more.

Nina Triger

I never believed watercolour painting was enjoyable until I walked into one of Lori's classes. I was very skeptical at first, given my previous encounters with watercolour, but her enthusiasm is truly contagious. She knows how to catch your interest and inspire you by creating painting projects full of whimsy and technique. Her lessons are a good blend of theory and demonstration. She is always open to questions and gives meaningful and constructive feedback. What I really admire about her is her ability to teach, challenge and inspire students with differing painting abilities and experiences. I have found some instructors are capable of creating beautiful art but are unable to teach others how. Lori not only paints beautifully but also always delivers a technical challenging and fun art course.


In two words, Lori is “hugely gifted”. Lori has ignited a spark in me - as a mature student. She has opened up a whole new world of artistic possibilities. She has reawakened my love of art, specifically watercolour and her teaching is encouraging and supportive. In her warm, co-operative class environment, she has inspired me to see the world in light and colour using multiple and oftentimes unusual techniques. I treasure my time in her class and my work is portraying her excellent teaching and approach to art. She has gently nudged me to take risks and go outside my 'linear comfort zone'. Thank you Lori - you have a powerful gift to help me resurrect my hidden talents!!

Cheryl Aston-Platts, Nottingham Communications