It is my goal to provide a positive, enjoyable environment that encourages students to take safe risks. By taking the mystery out of the art process, I am able to break it down into the basic elements for the beginner artist. The more experienced artists are encouraged – pushed is such a harsh word – to meet challenges that will improve specific skills and take their art to a new level.

I strive to help individuals learn, and advance, at their own pace, with the purpose of creating confident, self-motivated artists.

And did I mention you’re supposed to have FUN?

Watercolour Progression Intermediate to Advanced Fall 2018

Participants should have a firm working knowledge of basic watercolour techniques and ...

Intermediate Watercolour – Fall 2018

This course builds on basics of the Beginner class, with new applications and more ...

Advanced Watercolour – Fall 2018

This course accommodates and challenges the accomplished watercolour artist who is ...